De angst voor een stigma maakt je onbetrouwbaar

Door Blondemevrouw

Een video van moslims die open en eerlijk aangeven hoe zij de toekomst van het westen zien en wat hun intenties zijn. “Sharia for UK! Islam is coming. Wherever you look, from the east to the east and the west to the west. The verses of Koran have mentioned, Allah has send his messenger with guidance and truth, so we may dominate over the whole world. Even the disbelievers, the kafirs, the unbelievers, they are hated. We are not going to integrate, we will tell society what is the right way, cause we have been given the guidance, which is al islam. We have come to show the message of islam. Islam is superior to all other beings, democracy is failing, we will fight you until you worship Allah alone. There is a purpose in life, there is a death and a reality after death. We invite you…

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