When a Muslim invites you to EID Festival of Sacrifice dinner, remember these photos and videos

Animals Australia has been working tirelessly to end the Live Export business of Australian live animals being sent to Muslim countries where they are tortured to death in accordance with barbaric Islamic ‘halal’ slaughter laws.

Animals Australia Undercover Animals Australia investigators have just returned from a harrowing investigation in the Middle East and Asia — where streets have literally run red with the blood of animals.

Exporting animals across the world only to be slaughtered is always cruel. But there’s one time of year when cruelty is at its peak. During the EID ‘Festival of Sacrifice’ we’ve seen terrified animals having their eyes stabbed, tendons slashed, and throats clumsily cut open.

Recently in Malaysia, Oman, Lebanon, Dubai and Kuwait we saw more carnage: panicked sheep and goats being tied up, beaten, shoved into car boots in scorching heat, and brutally slaughtered in the streets. Even in a so-called…

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