REBEL MEDIA: Tommy Robinson jailed again over reporting while on courthouse steps

This morning, just after 4 am, the Bedfordshire Police went to Tommy Robinson’s house, banged on his door, woke up his wife and children, arrested him, and took him to jail.

What did he do to deserve such a shocking visit? Why did the police have to come to his home in the dead of night — upsetting his wife and once again scaring his children?

I’ll tell you what he did, because I was there with him. Two days ago, Tommy and I went to the Canterbury Crown Court, to report on the trial of an alleged Muslim rape gang.

That’s it. That’s all we did. That’s why Tommy was arrested.

  • Save Tommy Robinson: Arrested for reporting the news

See, Tommy and I both work full-time for Rebel Media. And unlike the mainstream media that prefers to cover up horrific crimes like that, we report on them. These four…

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