BBC documentary on the widespread sexual assault and exploitation of young white Christian girls by Pakistani Muslim men Part 1 of 3

A dramatization of the Rochdale sexual abuse scandal divided viewers on Tuesday night, as some switched off while others said it should be shown in schools. Three Girls is a three-part BBC drama telling the true story of the widespread grooming and sexual assault of white girls in Rochdale by a gang of “Asian” (Pakistani Muslim) men, led by Shabir Ahmed (above), the ringleader of the

Rochdale child sex grooming gang, revealed in 2012.
As usual, the BBC insists on using the popular but misleading British euphemism for Muslims – “Asians.” But they get props for airing this documentary that should be required viewing in all British schools.
UK Daily Mail : The first episode divided the five million viewers who tuned in and saw brutal scenes of teenage girls being beaten and raped.

The drama’s three young girls are a combination of stories from the girls who gave evidence that led to the conviction of the men, but false names have been used. The show was created with consent and stories from three girls who are survivors of the abuse.
But for others, the tough viewing was vital – so vital that there was even suggestion it should be shown in schools.
Trailer :

Episode one :
Episode Two :
Episode Three :
Analysing BBC Three Girls Drama: Thoughts On Rochdale, Rotherham And Beyond

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