Netherlands: Muslim gang terrorise locals, “Hey, Cheese heads, we will kill you all!”

The Muslim Issue

ZAANDAM, District Poelenburg, The Netherlands, 9 – 14 SEPTEMBER 2016. The Zaandam suburb Poelenburg is already for many months terrorized by Turkish loitering youth’s. They are pelting stones at houses, intimidating residents and committing heavy physical aggression for no reason at all and filming the act on video camera. The mayor of Zaandam, city council, police and other authorities are powerless. Residents do not dare to visit the local supermarket with their children.
In one of the video’s a gang member shouts loudly: “Hey Cheese Heads, we will kill you all!”. The video maker call himself : a warrior of Erdogan. Geert Wilders suggests they have to be deported to Turkey as soon as possible.

The video on Poelenburg gives a depressing impression of the horror situation in Dutch mixed neighbourhoods with social housing in the Netherlands. It’s a sharp sketch on the life conditions Dutch have to live in…

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